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To touch the wilderness once, is to carry a part of it with you forever – Pickford

Explore the beauty of wildlife, people and conservation

The Cottage

Nestled amidst a labyrinth of teak and other trees where leopards, deer, boar, tiger and elephants walk at will, the stone cottage at Bush Betta, the first in the valley, is an exquisite piece of artistry, crafted in rough granite by the villagers. Twirling morning mists give it a romantic, lost-in-time hue, even as alarm calls ring out at will. 

Back in 1988, to the call of a diverse wilderness, the Jung family built their home in Mangala and called it Bush Betta, heralding the arrival of a new world in the valley.  

The cottage at Bush Betta was the beginning of a beautiful yet eventful life for the Jung’s. For Saad and Sangeeta, it was a surreal journey discovering the wilds of Karnataka, and the challenges of conservation that face India. Their efforts transformed the Mangala valley from a hub of poverty, riddled with conflict, man-animal included, to a thriving economy where every home in the village, now has a budding conservationist. 

For Zoha and Shaaz Jung, it is the place of comfort and security. This is where they grew up, embracing the wilds and the local people. To this cottage they return, time after time, as they conquer the world with different passions. 

The cottage has been renovated to offer guests the true blue feel of how a holiday in the wilds should be experienced. 

Our Services

Bush Betta offers a means to the perfect romance with wilderness. From exclusive ensuite accommodation, life defining wildlife experiences, personalized service and amazing facilities, the stone cottage at Bush Betta takes you back in time to a world uncompromised by invading influences.

From safaris in the wild to treks surrounded by wildlife, from bush dinners to relaxed meals set amidst a canopy of trees filled with birds and monkeys, we offer the most perfect wildlife experience.

Our conservation efforts have made a difference to the valley and we believe that together, we can make a difference to the people and to the wildlife of Mangala. Join us in our mission to protect and conserve wildlife. Together, we can create a better future for animals and nature!

Our Wildlife

Our wildlife is probably the best in India as far as viewing tiger, leopards, elephants, gaur, wild dogs and bear is concerned. We have over 90 tigers, 200 leopards and over 3000 elephants in and around the park. Elephants drift in and out but can be seen mostly all the year round. Wild dogs migrate within the park and the sloth bear can be seen quite regularly. The birdlife here is some of the best in the world as is the diversity of reptiles.

Why Choose Us?
Beware of fakes – This is the original Bush Betta since 1989

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team at Bush Betta stands apart from the rest with their sheer determination and zest to make your experience perfect. Trained by the Jung’s, with many years of experience in the field, our team is passionate about serving our guests and our wildlife and works tirelessly to ensure your comfort and conservation of animals and their habitats.

Amazing Facilities

The cottage, so reminiscent of a bygone era, has modern and well-equipped facilities to provide the best care for our guests. We prioritize both service and the comfort of our guests. We have three suites. One has a jacuzzi whilst the other a bathtub. Showers have running hot and cold water and we even have a splash pool for you to wash away the safari dust.

Surreal Activities

We believe in creating the perfect experience for our guests. From safaris into Bandipur National Park and the Madhumalai Tiger Reserve, to game drives in forests outside the park. To meals set in amazing places, from bush dinners to sundowners overlooking the setting sun. From treks in the bush to bullock cart rides; we work hard to make your stay with us truly life defining.