The Barbet Dining – Is situated at the canopy level of the dense trees and is a superb place for birding. One can see and photograph birds and deer from this vantage point and at night even take pictures of leopard sand elephants, if lucky.

The Waterhole Dining – overlooks the waterhole and is designed in a traditional format, with hot water heating our dishes in the style of the erstwhile wildlife lodges.

The Chowki Dining – is an open air platform set under the trees. Perfect place to have a traditional sit down chowki dinner.

The Deer Room and Pool – is probably the most perfect place to sit back, relax and read a book as the deer amble by and the blue water of the pool beckons.

Chital Waterhole – Is a larger waterbody that feeds deer, leopards, birds, and the occasional tiger and elephant.

Panthera pardus waterhole – is designed for deer to drink water in summer as it is hidden below the canopy of trees. It is ideal to photograph the visiting wildlife.

Outdoor fireplace – is a beautifully appointed area where you can sit in the evenings and enjoy the sounds of the wilderness.