Our History

The Jung family has history that goes back many centuries with wildlife. Coming from the royal linage of Bhopal, Pataudi and the Paigah’s of Hyderabad, the family once owned the forests of the erstwhile State of Bhopal, along with large tracts of forests under the Paigah’s of Hyderabad,

The erstwhile Bhopal State was renowned for its tigers and other wildlife and Saad grew up in Chiklod, the royal families personal wildlife lodge overlooking a lake in the middle of pristine forests. Once the privy purse had been abolished and forest ceiling was levied on the princes, and though the Bhopal royal family lost ownership of its forests, the seeds of conservation and a love for wildlife had been sown in the young Nawabzada. After a brief stint with international cricket, Jung decided to recreate the lost glory of a life in the forests, for his family. Bush Betta, set in the pristine Mangala Valley, amidst the immense forests of Bandipur, took birth in 1988. The cottage at Bush Betta is a homecoming back into the jungles of India. This is where the jung family decided to spend the rest of their life, and this is where both Shaaz and Zoha Jung grew up.

Our Team

Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung: Of Royal descent, conservationist, sportsperson, wildlife expert and enthusiast, eco-tourism advocate, columnist, novelist, angler and photographer, Saad has over 35 years of conservation experience in promoting and managing eco-tourism and wildlife lodges and camps. He comes from the erstwhile royal family of Bhopal, Pataudi and the Paigah’s of Hyderabad, and is a recognized voice of conservation in India.

Sangeeta Jung: moved with her husband to Mangala. She is the heart and soul of the conservation efforts in the valley and the cottage at Bush Betta. She designed the cottage with the local villagers and built each brick with her own hands. She has the grit, determination and courage that exemplifies the family. She has designed the interiors and trained the staff and is the unsung hero of the Jung family.    

Shaaz Jung: is an avid wild-lifer, renowned naturalist, big cat specialist and wildlife photographer.  He has worn many hats in his life, having been an ambassador for National Geographic, Nikon, Samsung, Manfrotto and many other brands.

Shaaz has spent years studying game movement in the area and has an astonishing portfolio that has captured the attention of millions across the world. His work on Kabini propelled him to be the first Indian wildlife photographer to garner over two million followers on Instagram. He was also the Director of Photography for a National Geographic feature film on Kabini’s black panther and wildlife, the first of its kind. 

Zoha Jung: was born with wilderness and love for animals and the local people in heart. Bought up in Mangala, educated in Europe, she has chosen to spend her life dedicated to conflict, conservation and rescue of animals that have been abused by man. She is the founder of The Buffer Conflict Resolution Trust of India, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to conservation. Her love for animals led to her giving birth to the internationally recognized ‘The Backwater Sanctuary’, where her daughter, Sahara Jung Nambiar, like her, is growing up amongst the wilderness and animals.  She lives her motto ‘Be Brave. Be Kind. Be Wild’.

Suhel Raza: Our house-proud camp manager, trained by the Jung’s, stands apart, by his sheer determination to offer every guest the best of service.

Kumar Anna: Joined the family when he was eighteen years old and has since been the backbone of conservation in Mangala. He now handles the service and housekeeping at Bush Betta. He has been with the family for over three decades.

Zareena Pasha: Our amazing chef cooks up some amazing local dishes, many of which have been forgotten by the urban world. She has been with the family since the past two decades. Her late husband was initially a bus conductor that would ferry Veerappan many a times before he joined the Jung family as their estate manager.

Ravi: every now and then, in the world of wildlife tourism, comes a unique character, willing to take care of every department himself. Ravi is one such amazing personality. Our second chef, and man Friday, Ravi makes sure that guests happiness is always assured to the best of his ability. 

Tauseef Pasha: a truly gifted worker who can serve a meal to a king, or service the most intricate machine at camp, handles the maintenance, apart from all his other duties. 

Our Sanctuary

Located in the heart of nature, our personal little sanctuary offers a personal tryst with wildlife. It is home to a wide variety of wild animals, birds, reptiles and a diverse fauna, including species such as tigers, elephants, leopards, and wild dogs. Explore our trails, encounter magnificent creatures up-close, and immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world.

Conservation Programs

We work closely with The Buffer Conflict Resolution Trust of India and actively participate in various conservation programs to conserve the Mangala Valley, our amazing wilderness and its habitats. Our initiatives include finding a win-win solution for all living creatures living the Mangala Valley eco-biosphere. We undertake public awareness of conservation through eco-tourism by collaborating with local communities and organizations, we make a tangible difference in the fight against wildlife extinction.

Get Involved

Join us in our mission to safeguard wildlife. There are many ways to get involved, from volunteer opportunities to making a donation. Your support will directly contribute to protecting vulnerable species and ensuring a sustainable future for all living beings. Together, we can make a difference.